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November 29, 2007
MiRA and MeRA Test
We are glad to communicate some variations that improve significantly the performance of our products MiRA Test (ref.80355) and MeRA Test (ref.80356) for the detection of of antibiotic and sulphamide residues in food.
MiRA and MeRA Test are now in liquid medium in glass tube and are available in boxes of 50 tests. Prices remain unvaried.
April 3, 2007
Integral System Yeasts Plus
We are glad to announce the new product Integral System Yeasts Plus, ref. 71822.
The new system is comprised of 24 wells: 12 biochemical substrata for sugar assimilation tests, 11 antimycotics and 1 well for growth control.
The system is inoculated with the cell suspension and incubated at 36 1 C for 48 hours and permits identification and sensitivity evaluation of most clinically important yeasts to antimycotics.
The product Integral System Yeasts, ref. 71722, will remain available until may 2nd, 2007.
March 2007
Flexible Contact Slide
Hooks have been added on the surfaces of flexible Contact Slide to improve medium adhesion.
The new slides with this adjustment are being produced gradually.
March 2007
Listeria System 18R
Starting from lot 02137211 of 13th february 2007 the product Listeria System 18R (ref. 71640) has been modified: the ABN test is highly improved.
The new reaction in the 9-ABN well is clear and clean: non pathogenic listeriae develop an intense yellow color; Listeria monocytogenes does not activate the ABN reaction and the fluid in the well remains colorless.
March 2007
Antibiotic discs in blister pack
The antibiotic discs are now available in blister pack containing one cartridge (50 discs) or 5 cartridges individually wrapped (250 discs).
The blister pack permits better conservation and stability of the antibiotic.